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 Death Front guide !

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PostSubject: Death Front guide !   Tue Jan 11, 2011 11:37 am

Guide on how to enter Dead front.

Step 1 : Buying a map .

Buy the one that is corresponding to your level . Note that there are seven levels of these Fortress Maps, corresponding to the following level-based Dead Front groups: Rabble (lvl. 21-45), Common (lvl. 46-70), Baron (lvl. 71-90), Earl (lvl. 91-110), Duke (lvl. 111-130), Arc (lvl. 131+),Doom (lvl.171+, which is bugged now).

Step 2 : Getting to Chain of Fire .

Once you have acquired the Fortress Map appropriate for your character’s level, travel to North Ares to the north of Braiken Castle and seek the Chain of Fire. Look on the bottom right area of the map. Step into the Chain of Fire to enter the Dead Front entrance area.

Step 3 : Finding the right NPC .

Once you have stepped through the Chain of Fire, look for the commander NPC associated with the level of your Fortress Map, and speak to that NPC.

Other info : What is Death Front ?

Dead Front is a recurring event, and when the time is close, the Party Leader may apply to join the next event by clicking on "Application" in the quest window offered by the commander NPC. Only the Party Leader may apply, and the following conditions must be met for successful application.

Dead Front Schedule:

Time between Application Periods – 22 minutes
Application Period – 5 minutes
Entrance Opportunity Time – 3 minutes
Waiting for Start of Battle – 2 minutes or 2.5 minutes
Event Time from Start of Battle – 30 minutes
Dead front times : every 3 hours

Requirements for Dead Front participation:

The person applying for the Dead Front event must be the Party Leader.
All party members including the Leader must be in the entrance area, having passed through the Chain of Fire.
All party members (including the Party Leader) must be within the level range of the Dead Front event to which the Party Leader has applied.
Every member must have the appropriate Fortress Map, which corresponds to their character level range.


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PostSubject: GM   Tue Jan 11, 2011 12:21 pm

Good work for GM's excellent description of the Dead Front of good work.
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Death Front guide !
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